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Do you want free tickets to festival events this May? If you are between 15 and 30 you can! By becoming a Newbury Spring Festival Critic you can select the events you want to come to and in return submit a review!


Register your interest or sign someone up by emailing their name, date of birth and email address to



Young Festival Critics is an exciting scheme enabling young people, who have a passion for the arts and writing to explore new experiences while building their writing and CV skills.


We will ask the critics to focus on writing meaningful observations looking at the relationship between the performing arts and reviewing. The Festival offers a world class programme of events to cover. The scheme enables young people to not only experience new work, but also attend some of the Festivals amazing venues around Berkshire.


It's simple. Come to a Festival event and write a review of your experience.


2016 Judges


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YOUNG FESTIVAL CRITICS 2012 Includes reviews & winners YOUNG FESTIVAL CRITICS 2013 Includes reviews & winners YOUNG FESTIVAL CRITICS 2014 Includes reviews & winners
YOUNG FESTIVAL CRITICS 2015 Includes reviews & winners



Young Festival Critics is proud to be part of BBC ARTS GET CREATIVE CAMPAIGN



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