SANSARA and A Golden String

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SANSARA and A Golden String

On Sunday 12 August 2018, Festival favorites SANSARA performed at the unveiling of a new tombstone for the poet and mystic William Blake at Bunhill Fields in central London. They performed a stunning piece by the Australian composer Chris Williams which sets the following text:

I give you the end of a golden string;
Only wind it into a ball,
It will lead you in at Heaven’s gate,
Built in Jerusalem’s wall.

– from Jerusalem, Plate 77 (1815)

Two years later and they have returned to this beautiful music, with its overlapping textures and hypnotic phrases, and joined forces with videographer Alex McEwen to produce an interactive digital performance.

Using audio recorded by their singers during lockdown, they have made four separate audio tracks, each with their own accompanying video. SANSARA invite you to create your own rendition of the piece by combining these four layers and exploring the possibilities of their infinite variation.

Listen to the Demo video below, then try it for yourself on the SANSARA website.


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