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Shop ’til you drop?

Today has become known as “Black Friday”. While originally an American tradition it is becoming an increasing landmark in the British calendar. There are various theories on the origins of the name, but regardless it is now a time when many of us will take advantage of Sales and Special Offers from retailers.

If you are shopping online now, or any time in the year, please consider supporting the Festival as you do. If you simply follow the links here the Festival will receive a small donation each time you shop. The best bit of the process is that it won’t cost you anything at all!

To take advantage of this, simply go to the Easy Fundraising website first, then click on the link to your preferred online retailer.

If you shop on Amazon regularly, you can also make donations to the Festival as you shop, just make sure you click via Amazon Smile. There you can select Newbury Spring Festival as the charity you wish to support.

These simple steps really do help the Festival, and it doesn’t cost you a penny!